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Throughout the years, 3N2 has had the privilege of collaborating with numerous teams, thousands of players, several professional athletes, and premier brands and organizations. We are pleased to showcase a few of these exceptional partnerships below.
  • Ripken Baseball

    Ripken Baseball was founded by baseball legends Cal Ripken Jr and Bill Ripken.  Established in 2001, the mission of Ripken Baseball is to inspire through remarkable experiences the Ripken Way for both baseball and fastpitch softball athletes.  These experiences take the form of baseball and fastpitch softball camps, tournaments, showcases and All-Star baseball games.

    3N2 served as the official uniform and apparel supplier to Ripken baseball and fastpitch softball.  3N2 provided design and apparel assortment direction and supplied all Ripken retail outlets for items such as baseball pants, fastpitch softball pants, custom uniforms, custom apparel, lifestyle apparel, baseball jerseys and fastpitch softball jerseys.  3N2 is proud to be a part of the Ripken Baseball experience.

  • The Alliance Fastpitch

    The Alliance Fastpitch is a national organizing body for travel fastpitch softball. Alliance Fastpitch offers annual memberships for teams, athletes, and coaches.  The founders believed fastpitch softball teams need equal access to resources and an equal opportunity to earn berths to National Championship fastpitch softball play.

    3N2 currently serves as the Official Umpire Supplier for the Alliance Fastpitch.  3N2 provides high quality umpire shoes (to include Umpire Plate Shoes and Umpire Base Shoes), umpire pants, umpire shirts and umpire protective gear to all Alliance Fastpitch Umpires.  3N2 has also created an umpire retail store where umpires can purchase discounted umpire shoes and umpire apparel.

  • Professional Athletes

    3N2 is proud to have outfitted countless professional major league baseball players and professional fastpitch softball athletes over the years.  3N2 provides high quality baseball and softball cleats and trainers to professional baseball and softball players to help support their game at the highest level of competitive play.

  • Cooperstown Dreams Park

    Situated in the picturesque town of Cooperstown, known for its rich baseball history as the home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.  Cooperstown Dreams Park hosts various youth baseball tournaments throughout the summer season, drawing teams from across the United States and beyond. These baseball tournaments often attract aspiring young baseball players eager to showcase their skills on a prestigious stage.

    3N2 is the proud supplier of baseball jerseys, baseball pants, coaches polos and pullovers, umpire apparel, baseball uniforms for all baseball tournament participants for over 12 years.  3N2 also designs and supplies baseball apparel and baseball gear to the Cooperstown Dreams Park retail store.  3N2 is proud to be a supplier to Cooperstown Dreams Park - a top-notch baseball facility but also a symbol of the enduring passion and tradition of America's favorite pastime.